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updated this b/c i am cool

… i got katara and tenzin this time around


i got Bolin & korra. HELL YAH BORRA BORRA

Ikki…an Ikki… What the … LOL

Lin and Lin.


Noatak and Amon

lol okay good job

i got fem!tahno and you (which i assume is me!)

lol wut

sokka and giant friendly mushroom.

hell yes.

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    Lin and Meelo omf
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    I got Giant Friendly MushroomxAmon. I would ship it.
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    Lin & Lin Hmmmm
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    I got young Amon (Noatak) and Amon. it’s cannon.
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    I’ve tried this three times and i keep getting Lin Beifong with Lin Beifong… Lin Beifong-Forever Alone
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    Giant Friendly Mushroom and Sokka
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    sokka and giant friendly mushroom. hell yes.
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    ((Korra’s boobs and me….I ship this))
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    Bolin/Asami AW YEAH.
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    makoBolin No Lin beifong/bumi I can get behind the latter
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    I got Mako x Fem Tahno hahaha XD
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    Giant Friendly Mushroom x Amon XDD

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